This creepy actor from Breaking Bad plays drug dealer Tortuga. He beat liver cancer, but his secretary hated having to listen to him “whine like a little girl.” Still, he made sure that his family and close friends didn’t know about this.

In order to promote his “wearable Viagra” product called Giddy to The Sun, he talked about the event. Giddy is a drug that helps guys keep their erections up on their own.

So that people wouldn’t worry about his liver health, Trejo said he liked his own product.

He told the magazine, “I’m scared to death of taking too many medications. I beat liver cancer, so I don’t want to start putting anything in there.”

Doctors found a 10 cm growth on his liver when they told him he had it.

He said that the doctors couldn’t give him chemotherapy because of the size of his growth, so they gave him “injections.”

There are a few medicines that can be used to treat liver cancer.

Trejo might be talking about selective internal radiation treatment, which is used to treat cancer.

They say, “Radioactive beads are injected into your liver’s bloodstream to stop cancer from spreading.”

SIRT can be given to people whose livers may be too badly damaged for other treatments.

When he went back after about six months, he said, “You’re cancer-free.” “They put seven needles right into the tumor three times and injected me.”

The famous person allegedly said that he couldn’t tell other people he had cancer because he was “making huge money.”

“I often say that the only way I’ve survived is in silence.” “I had to listen to you whine like a little child in silence,” my secretary says with a laugh.

If word got out, his acting contract could be canceled, so he even tried to keep his weight steady while working.

One of the main signs of liver cancer is losing weight without meaning to.

Research from Cancer Research UK shows that every year there are 6,200 new cases of liver cancer in this country.

The NHS says that some of the signs of the condition are feeling tired and not having much energy.

You could also have jaundice, which makes your skin or eyes turn yellow.

A lump on the right side of your belly or flu-like symptoms are some bad effects that could happen.

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