Keisha Johnson, a beautiful African American woman, became famous in jail for having the biggest breasts in the world. Each one weighed 40 pounds and was 164XXX cups. She was naturally a D cup, but she had three surgeries, one of which included polyester string breast implants, which are now illegal because they can make you look like a cartoon character.

Even though she is very big, Keisha Johnson says her back is still fine because she works on it every day. She wants to get smaller breasts in the future, and she tells her friends about it on Instagram as the “queen of boobs.”

Serena Monroe, a model from Texas, has saline implants that weigh more than 20 pounds each and wants even bigger breasts. Because of her size, she has trouble finding clothes that fit her. On the natural side, Annie Hawkins-Turner has the biggest natural breasts in the world. Each one is still growing at 60 pounds, and she is getting more and more fans.

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