Jennifer, John Candy’s daughter, turned 44, and she celebrated with touching Instagram posts. Fans saw right away how much she looked like her late father, the famous actor and comedian. Jennifer said she was thankful for the kind words and shared pictures of herself smiling that showed her dad’s energy.

Chris Candy, her brother, and her mother also celebrated her birthday online with words of love and happy memories. John passed away in 1994, but his children carry on his memory. Jennifer followed in her father’s path and went into comedy and production, capturing his warmth and sense of humor.

Chris also honors his father every year by thinking about how much John meant to him. Many fans agreed with them, remembering John’s famous parts and saddened by his untimely death. Even though they have lost their father, the Candy siblings continue to remember him through their work in the movie business.

John’s ex-wife and children’s mother, Rosemary Candy, also talked about him and shared special pictures and memories. She keeps John’s spirit alive through her art and social media influence, which adds to his lasting legacy.

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