In the music business, T.I. is a big deal. The rapper is a big deal in the world of podcasts as well as having hit records, movies, and a TV show. But this shouldn’t take away from the fact that his wife Tiny Harris is also a huge star. Tiny was in the popular girl group Xscape. Her big break came when she became a singer and wrote the hit song “No Scrubs” for TLC with group member Kandi Burruss. Her job as a reality star and TV figure, along with a few other businesses, has become pretty stable over the years.

Tiny started dating T.I. in 2001, the same year that he released his first record. Even though Tiny was already a famous person, she stayed out of the spotlight while her husband’s career took off. She did this while building a house for them and their growing family. The tiny Harris star took off before her husband, so for a while, she was the one who brought in the money. She was born Tameka Cottle and is thought to be worth $5 million right now. She got paid well in 2018 when Ed Sheeran added her and Kandi to the writing credits of his hit song “Shape of You.” This happened after fans pointed out that the songs’ sounds were similar to those on “No Scrubs.”

OMG Rapper’s failed lawsuit: Dolls maker wants TI to pay the lawyers’ fees – Billboard
It’s not clear how much Tiny made before T.I. or if she ever helped him when he first started out, but T.I. makes sure he takes care of his lady these days. Even though Xscape came out in 1991, T.I. didn’t put out his first record until 2001. T.I. has made a name for himself since his first album. He started his own record label, won three Grammy Awards, and had 11 studio albums and several top ten Billboard hits. The rapper has been on Forbes’s list of the highest-earning hip hop acts four times for his work in business, including his former nightclub in Atlanta, his clothing line, his strip club, endorsement deals, and partnerships. All of these things have helped him reach his current net worth of $20 million. Because of this, T.I. is now in a good situation to take care of himself, Tiny, and their big blended family of seven kids.

I recently talked to 21 Savage on his podcast Expeditiously about what he thinks other guys should do based on how he runs his own home. T.I. says that he knows women can be leaders and be in charge of the home, but he would rather be in charge. Because of this, the artist won’t let his wife Tiny pay any bills at their house. People think that men should be in charge. The fact that I’m telling you what I expect from myself as a man has set the standard for what I expect from other men. She can pay it, though. She can’t pay any bills, my wife. Things will go wrong if I can’t pay the bills ”

Author of OMG Dolls Wants TI to Pay Legal Fees in Rapper’s Failed Lawsuit – Billboard

Tiny has talked to T.I. about her money problems before, after some people on social media said she was a gold digger. A woman wrote on a post about their show that Tiny was “winning” because she had a rich boyfriend and that she should be happy about it. Tiny told the fan that she was already making money before she met him and that she is thankful for her husband. The couple bought a $3 million home in Atlanta at the end of 2020. Fans were shown a construction site by T.I. in 2021, and he told them that he and Tiny were building 143 inexpensive housing units in Bankhead. About 40% of it was done at that point.

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