Jaguar Wright just said some very rude things about Beyoncé and Jay-Z, and it sounds like he thinks they are trying to sacrifice Rihanna.

For years now, reports have been going around that Beyoncé might be secretly jealous of Rihanna. There were even claims that Beyoncé stopped Jay Z from getting close to RiRi…

But it looks like this story has a much darker side. According to Jaguar Wright, Jay Z supposedly groomed Rihanna when she was a teenager, and later, Jay and Bee tried to ruin RiRi’s career and keep her out of the spotlight.

Good thing Rihanna found out about their supposedly evil plan. She ran for her life and never saw the Carters again.

But what exactly did Jaguar say about these adjustments Jay Z and Beyoncé are said to be making? And did Rihanna really come close to being their victim?

Let’s start!

A new book says it’s crazy that Beyoncé believed the rumors that Jay Z slept with Rihanna while they were on a secret break.

A celebrity reporter named J. Randy Taraborrelli wrote about their marriage in his unofficial biography called Becoming Beyonce. He says they started fighting over her “obsessive dedication” to work in 2005, which is three years before they got married.

“He thought she was too worried about work and stressed out about it…””She also got angry and defensive when she had a lot of work to do, and this started to make things worse between her and Jay,” Taraborrelli writes.

“They broke up for a while that year.” She told him straight out that she needed a break.

During the time they were apart, Jay is said to have slept with Rihanna, who was 17 at the time and signed to his record label, Def Jam.

A former member of Rihanna’s team is said to have told Taraborrelli that he made up the claims to help the Barbadian beauty become a pop star.

Even though they may not have slept together, the author says Bey believed the rumors and had trouble trusting Jay because of it.

“Beyoncé wasn’t sure she could believe Jay when he flatly denied everything,” he writes. The woman couldn’t help but doubt.

It is said that the strain reached a peak with a full-on fight in New York at the rapper’s 40/40 club.

Taraborelli says, “All that was heard was Rihanna’s name being said a few times before Beyonce got up and stormed off.”

Later, in 2006, they got back together. Beyoncé is said to have felt “lost” without her man, who she has been with for 15 years.

But even after they got married, Taraborrelli says it was still a touchy subject for Beyonce and that the famous lift incident she had with her sister Solange after the 2014 Met Gala was caused by a conversation about going to a party held by RiRi.

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