A Hollywood Star Halle Berry is careful about making plans to get married.

Halle Berry is without a question one of the most loved stars in Hollywood, and she continues to win over her fans and her boyfriend. Even though they are very close, they are not planning to get married any time soon.

People who are close to the famous actress have said that Berry is taking steps to protect her assets, especially since she just got divorced from Olivier Martinez and had to pay a lot of child support. Being married three times before, Berry knows how hard it can be, so she wants to be careful if she and her current partner, Hunt, decide to get married. Her $90 million wealth is the most important thing to her.

Berry is worried about her money because of her past court problems, like the seven-year, expensive case she had with French actor Martinez. She wants to make sure that her money is safe in case she gets married again. As was already said, Berry had to pay Martinez a lot of child support and a portion of her income over $2 million a year as part of the terms of her divorce.

It was also agreed that neither party would say anything bad about the other or their families as part of the deal. Berry has two kids: a son named Maceo with Martinez and a daughter named Nahla from a relationship she had with Gabriel Aubry in the past.

Berry has already agreed to pay for her son’s medical and dental insurance, and she has already paid a big chunk of Martinez’s legal bills. According to people who know Berry, she made these changes so that she could end her legal fights and start a new part of her life, which could include getting married.

Berry has called Hunt the “love of my life” since they became public on Instagram in September 2020. Hunt has been Berry’s staunchest supporter during all of her legal fights. The long court processes were said to have been hard on him at times, but he was said to be patient and understanding. Berry had already said yes to Hunt’s marriage proposal, but she couldn’t go ahead with it until her divorce was confirmed.

Because of what happened to her in the past, Berry is determined to make sure she has enough money to live on. She is determined to make a thorough marriage agreement and get all the paperwork she needs before she marries Hunt, whom she has been seeing for three years. Even though they might not get married right away, their love story goes on, and Berry stays focused on protecting her hard-earned money.

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