Tank has said that he’s going on tour with two friends: Keri Hilson and Carl Thomas, who used to be a star for Bad Boy Entertainment.

In an Instagram post on March 8, Tank announced that he had booked the R&B Money Tour. He told his fans to visit the tour’s official website to get “early access” to the dates and times.

You should keep an eye out for more Tank tours besides the R&B Money Tour. Ginuwine and Tyrese gave true R&B fans a special treat earlier this year by hinting that the long-awaited TGT return is almost here.

In an Instagram post on January 17, Tyrese was the first to hint that the trio might be getting back together. He said that he had been talking to his old bandmates.

He put “On a conference call with TGT!!!!!!!!” in the description. “8 cuts into these R&B frequencies…”Hearing the guys’ voices on these calls has made me feel better!!!!!!! I missed you all so much… TANK FOR GINUWINE AND TYRESE!!! @therealtank @ginuwine @tyrese my mind is blown!!!!”

“I’m there, king [raised hands emoji][fire emoji] let’s go,” Ginuwine replied. Later that same day, he shared a similar post on Instagram.

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