A story in the New York Post says that Juliana Machado Sotinho, a woman from Brazil who looks a lot like Beyonce, said she has gotten marriage proposals and job offers just because people think she looks like the singer.

“People tell me right away that I look like the singer when they see me.

“Most of them are shocked by how much they look alike,” the 35-year-old said.

“People always say, ‘Wow, did you know that you look like Beyoncé?'” Or, “Girl, you’re so lucky; you look a lot like Queen B.” She also said that she didn’t notice the similarity until she started sharing on social media in 2019.

Since then, several guys have been interested in the mother of six without her permission. Five people asked her to marry them, and one promised to spend the night with her for $25,000.

“I always post about my life on social media, so people know I’m married, but people have already asked to spend the night with me,” Ms. Sotinho said.

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