What Beyoncé does on stage is out of this world. This is the woman who kept killing a live show even though her ear was bleeding, who refused to leave a concert during a lightning storm, and who danced her heart out at the 2011 VMAs while she was pregnant with Blue Ivy Carter, her first child with Jay-Z. She sang so well that she didn’t miss a beat even when her hair was in a fan. As if her performance to show off her growing baby bump in 2011 wasn’t enough, she sang live while pregnant with her twins, Sir and Rumi Carter, while a chair was tilted 45 degrees backwards. She gave us life while putting her own at risk.

He is without a doubt one of the best artists of all time, having won 28 Grammys. Before these famous solo careers, Beyonce was already getting a lot of attention as a part of Destiny’s Child, a group of four girls. She’s always been great on stage. In fact, she had once taken Terrence Howard’s breath away. Fans still talk about it all the time. Even though it happened 16 years ago, people are still commenting on the YouTube video of that moment, pointing out how funny the Empire star was when Queen Bey was there. Here’s what really took place.

What Destiny’s Child Did Live At The 2005 BET Awards

In 2004, Destiny’s Child put out the hot R&B hit Cater 2 U. At that time, fans, mostly guys, liked the message of the song. It’s about how these pretty girls promise to serve their guys and have fun with them whenever they want… Of course, 17 years later, a lot of people are still not happy with it. Fans want to cancel it because they think the words aren’t progressive for women, especially “My life would be meaningless without you” and “When you come home late, tap me on the shoulder, I’ll roll over.” That being said, men and women didn’t mind it back then, especially when the group sang it at the 2005 BET Awards.

@safihair1 That time #beyonce almost gave Terrance Howard a heart attack 😅😅 #destinyschild ♬ original sound – Safi Hair

The girls looked beautiful in classy brown dresses that showed off their curves. Each one of them was stunningly beautiful. People on YouTube also said, “Beyoncé was a different kind of fine right here.” So, everyone in the crowd was totally focused on the girls working it up there. Silence fell until the three men began their search for three lucky men to join them on stage for the “catering” special. It was Terrence Howard who Beyoncé took. He was sitting next to her parents. Kelly Rowland grabbed Nelly, who sings with her on Dilemma. Then Michelle Williams ended up with Magic Johnson, who used to play basketball in the NBA. Williams was going to take T.I., but he was arrested a few hours before the show.

This guy went crazy when Beyoncé gave him a lap dance.

The three women danced on stage in a very classy way. Howard was very serious, even though Nelly and Johnson were laughing. He smiled at first, too, but after a minute, he was completely hypnotized. He was going to lose it up there. “When the show was over, Terrence was still shocked. He didn’t even laugh because he wanted Beyonce so badly,” said one fan. Yes, that’s exactly what it looked like. Someone else wrote, “Terrence was ready to risk it all.” What a fan said about that moment, which is shown below: “[Terrence] literally had to start praying after she put that leg over him.” God bless this man’s soul.

A lot of people also loved how cute Rowland and Nelly were. She messed up the dance move because she was so into it. One person wrote, “My girl didn’t know left from right.” Back then, there were a lot of rumors that they were dating, but both of them have always rejected the rumors. The fans also thought Johnson’s response was funny. “Magic was smiling so much, that brutha is going to get LOCKJAW!” said one of them. Everyone looked like they had a good time. Howard acted very serious during the whole show, but at the end of the number, Beyonce laughed awkwardly as she asked the crowd to applaud the guys. She knew what she did to that poor man, but she had to do it for work.

Howard was asked about the lap dance on Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen eight years after the awards show. He gave Beyonce’s lap dancing a 9 when asked how good it was. He told her that her “spirit and intent” made it a hundred, though. Also, the Pride star said that he had tried to talk to the Halo singer before.

He said it was too bad he missed the chance because, even though they had already looked at each other, he ended up talking to her friend instead. Howard said that Beyoncé showed him what he was missing during the lap dance. He definitely took the message to heart…

He also asked Howard if he hung out with the Run the World singer after that night. He told him no, and Jay-Z would kill him if he did. Back then, Mrs. Carter had been seeing the rapper for about four years. In late 2008, they got married. Even though Jay-Z’s famous “Becky with the good hair” cheating story came to light in Queen B’s sixth solo album, Lemonade in 2016, they’re still deeply in love.

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