“Everyone had a Blondie ready to go”… Diddy was finally caught by Mary J. Blige: The Jaguar Wright tried to rant about how bad the business was, but she was brushed off as a mean, crazy lie.

Sarah talks about her life and work, remembering the hard times when making music was the only thing that helped her feel better. She, like Usher, thinks back to the hard times she and Diddy went through on Making the Band and stresses how bad it was to be around him. Usher had said before that being with Diddy was the worst thing that had ever happened to him.

Mary J. Blige talks about the hard times she went through, like using drugs, making bad business deals, having sex, sleeping with other people, and going to wild parties. People have been trying to figure out Mary J. Blige’s secrets for years, and these new details seem to fully explain them. Based on different films and events in her life, it looks like Diddy caused a lot of trouble.

In an interview, Danny Boy talks about how people felt about Suge Knight and says that he was a powerful person who drew a lot of people to him. He talks about meeting Misa, Mary J. Blige, and other women with ties to Diddy and the music business. Danny Boy talks about a group of women who were close to Diddy and seemed willing to do certain things. This makes it sound like these women are connected to the bad parts of the business.

The story goes on to talk about Diddy’s effect on the women in his group, implying that they needed to do certain things to move up in the business. There are nods to Mary J. Blige and other women who are linked to Diddy, including their work with KC, Tupac, and Danny Boy himself.


Mary J. Blige says she used to be scared to listen to her own music.

The voice of Mary J. Blige is one of the best in music. It hasn’t always been easy for her to listen to her own songs, though.

The R&B/Soul star said some shocking things about her own music on an episode of TODAY With Hoda and Jenna from March 8.

“I used to dislike everything about myself. The sound of my voice, the speech I use to talk. “I used to be scared to hear any music back,” she said.

Blige said that she had a hard time getting over her self-hatred, but that the bad feelings went away in the end.

“We’re taught as kids not to brag, insult, or love ourselves, but now I’m doing all of those things,” she said.It’s so much fun to be myself. I told her, “Girl, you look great.” I’m really proud of you. You look good in that. I spend a lot of time by myself, so I always think, “Oh Mary, I love that!” Let’s put this on tonight. “That’s going to be hot!””

In the beginning of this week, Mary J. stopped by CBS Mornings to talk about her Strength of a Woman Summit and made an exciting love news.

Blige said she attracted the love she deserves and has been enjoying her new relationship since her divorce from Martin “Kendu” Isaacs.

“I love you.” She said, “I think I deserve a good relationship.” “By myself. With a friend. It comes to you when you believe it.

“I can be alone because I believe in love for myself. I’m not going to give up on love.” I’m not going to let a bad marriage or relationship stop me from living a happy life, falling in love, and getting the hugs, kisses, and desires I want.

The singer of “Family Affair” has been very open about how hard it is for her to make it in the music business.

In her cover story for Glamour last year, the famous singer talked about her path. The magazine named the woman from Yonkers “Woman of the Year.” While she was enjoying her success, Mary had to think about the rough road she had to take to get there.

“This won’t happen overnight,” she said. “This new me, this new Mary, is not easy.” It’s hard work. People who have been as unhappy and gone through as much hell as I have find it easy to go back to the leftovers when they are happy and strong. Just because you know something, it’s easy to go back to the past. “Because you know that the hurt from the past will always try to pull you back.”

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