They gave Offset the keys to a very rare Lamborghini for his 29th birthday.

It was Monday night, and Cardi dressed her husband in a mask and led him to the car. The big reveal: a Lamborghini Aventador SVJ 63 Roadster that costs between $573,300 and $600,000.

Offset was clearly shocked when he saw the bronze-colored SVJ. To show his happiness, he slayed on the hood of the car in front of Cardi and their friends.

The number 63 that Lambo made is written as SVJ, which stands for “Super Veloce Jota,” which means “superfast” in Italian.

Cardi B and Offset went to a club that looked like it was in Atlanta later that night to party. TMZ says the place was packed with people who weren’t hiding and weren’t socially avoiding each other.

A person told the news outlet that COVID-19 tests were done and that the party in Atlanta followed CDC rules. It’s not clear if anyone was tested before the party, though.

Early that night, Cardi wrote on Instagram, “Happy birthday Hubs,” to wish the Migos rapper a happy birthday. I hope you have many more.

It looks like they like cars a lot. Offset gave Cardi a special black Rolls-Royce for her birthday in October. The seats were decorated with their daughter Kulture’s name.

Cardi had already asked for a split from her husband at that point, but they are back together now.

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