This summer, Mike Lowrey and Will Arnett’s police adventures will be back on the big screen.

The Bad Boys are back for part of the season, and the new era will start faster than you think.

The action movie’s co-stars, Will Smith and Martin Lawrence, confirmed that filming is over in a group post on Instagram. “WRAPPED! Nothing but Magic whenever I’m with my girl. As the caption says, “See you all on June 7 for @BADBOYS 4!!”

The American cop action/comedy movie series Bad Boys began in 1995 and quickly became a giant in the genre. Smith and Lawrence play officers Mike Lowrey and Marc’s Börnett, who work for the Miami Police Department. Its fourth version has been hinted at since 2020, and filming will start in 2023. There are also plans for Vanessa Hudgens to return as weapons expert Kelly.

Last year, Lawrence put vlogs on his YouTube channel to keep his fans busy until then. In one post, he links to Smith, and the two of them talk about how great the new movie is going to be.

In the video, Will goes to his co-stars’ house, opens the door, and yells, “Bad Boys for life!” while biting his lips. Then, they argue over and over again about how they should not have given the third movie the name “Bad Boys For Life” because it would have been a better fit for the fourth installment.

As a spoiler warning sign moves across the screen, the Hitch actor says, “De, your sh*t is hilari’s in this movie.” “His character has a bleep and sees a bleep, and Mike Lowrey is like bleep, what? It is going to be Hilario’s. It is Hilaria’s.” See the Instagram post above and the YouTube video below.

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