Most people know “Hakeem,” “Andre,” and “Jamal Lyon,” who used to be Terrence Howard’s “kids” on Empire, but not many of us know about his first kids.

He really has five of them, but this story is mostly about his two adult daughters because they look just like their talented fathers…just a lot more beautiful.

We also want to show a kinder side of the brotha, who is known for being the TV bad guy the music mogul. Terrence played his Empire role so well that, for a while, it seemed like he was really playing that role.

He is, however, a dad to his own kids and probably wouldn’t be as angry at them if they don’t follow his rules, unlike his love-hate part as “Lucious Lyon” on the now-cancelled hit show. So, ILOSM family, without further ado, meet T. Howard’s beautiful mini-me’s below…

Terence’s oldest daughter is Aubrey, who is 28 years old. She went to Howard University and now has the cutest kid of all time.

That’s right, Terrence is now a happy grandfather. Aubrey was married to Billy Gayle, the father of her daughter, when she found out she was pregnant, and her dad is said to have walked her down the aisle.

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