Christian Buchanan was told he had Tessier cleft lip and palate, a very uncommon condition that happens when face tissies don’t join properly during development. A boy’s heartbreaking eye condition causes his eyes to stick out.

Nigel Farage suggests a possible middle ground for the peace protest on Remembrance Day. An inspiring boy who was born with “NO EYES” because of a rare condition.

Boy who was born with “NO EYES” because of a rare disease. This brave six-year-old boy was born “without eyes” and unable to eat. He wants to change how people feel about people who have serious facial deformities.

Christian Buchanan was told he had Tessier cleft lip and palate, a very uncommon condition that happens when face tissies don’t join properly during development. It means that Christian, from Woodberry, Tennessee, US, was born fully blind and with big holes in his face. He also couldn’t eat or talk.

His condition is so rare that it has only been documented 60 times in the history of medicine. But that hasn’t stopped Christian from living a full life, like learning karate, wrestling with his younger brother, or going to the movies.Lacey Buchanan holding Christian when he was a baby (Barcroft Media)

Dad In the hospital, Chris Buchanan looked over his son Christian’s cot (Barcroft Media).

The mother of Christian, Lacey, told Barcroft TV, “Christian has Tessier Cleft Lip and Palate. He has classifications three, four, and five, which include microphthalmia.”He was sick because of amniotic banding syndrome. These bands can form in the womb, and if they attach to the baby, they stop the blood flow. Christian’s banding attached to his face.

Because of the holes in his face where the cleft was, Christian was able to eat when he was born. He has had a feeding tube in place since he was four days old. Because of this condition, Christian has never been able to see, and it has also slowed down his talking and learning. He has problems, but that hasn’t stopped him from living a full life.Lacey and Christian are working to make more people aware of people who have problems with their faces.
(Barcroft News)

Chris Chanan in his graduation dress and his mom Lacey (Barcroft Media)

Lacey said, “Christian is a very normal little boy who is six years old.” There are lots of things that a six-year-old would enjoy, like wrestling with his little brother.Christian’s vision loss is the most important way that his illness affects his daily life.He has to learn how to get around in the dark because he is completely blind.

“Our world is designed for people who can see, and he has to learn how to live in it without being able to see. It takes some work and sometimes we have to do things a little differently, but it’s possible, and he is doing it.” Christian is home-schooled and goes to the Special Kids Therapy & NĀ²rsing Centre in Murfreesboro once a week. There, he can improve his speech and learn how to dress himself.

Lacey told him, “Right now Christian has a Lego class, a US geography class, and a creative writing class.” He is with other kids his age, and they are all good friends. Being with them has really helped him make friends and get along better with his peers.

“He is getting dressed right now while he is in occupational therapy.” He just learned how to put on and take off shoes. Christian has had seven surgeries so far. Three of them were to fix his face and close the gaps that the cleft left, which finally let him speak and eat normally.

Lacey said, “Christian will have more fears in the evening; that’s just how this beast is.” Lacey thought that by bringing Christian into the world, people would understand his condition, but she was shocked by how some people reacted to him. Lacey said, “I knew before Christian was born that seeing or being different from other people is frowned upon, and most people don’t know how to deal with someone who is different in that way.”

“We had a problem not long ago. We were in a store and Christian was playing with a toy on a shelf. A woman walked by and said, ‘Eww.'”He has heard some things that people have said. Kids ask him, “Why does he look that way?” “What is wrong with his eyes?”When kids ask me a question, I always answer with a happy, positive tone, like, “Oh, that’s just how Christian was born.”

“Why does he have red eyes?” they will ask. ‘That’s just how he was made,’ I’ll say. “He does have red eyes, which is cool.””He has learned to say, “Oh, that’s just how God made me,” over the course of two weeks. He would say, “That’s how I was born, and I was born awesome.” I give him lines to read.

Christian is also very interested in karate and is working hard to get his orange belt. Lacey has seen her son become more sure of himself. Lacey said, “I would 100% say that Christian is independent.” He began to say, “I want to do it all by myself, mommy,” a few years ago.

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