People talked a lot about Martina Big on the internet because of rumours that she had 32T breasts, which made her famous. Now, people are talking about her again. Currently, she has shared a picture of herself that was taken before she had major plastic surgery. The picture shows her natural 32-inch breasts.

It took Martina Big more than ten years and several surgeries to fill her implants with saline and get what she calls the “biggest breasts in Europe.” People became very interested in her after she went through an amazing change because of this. On the other hand, her big bust has caused her some problems. Over the years, Martina has talked about how her bigger breasts make it hard for her to do everyday things like buckle up her car seat.

As a result of her outside events, Martina Big has actively sought controversy on a number of levels. Her name became well-known two years ago when she said she was an African Black woman. She developed this problem because she used tanning shots a lot. People have strong opinions about cultural awareness and racial appropriation because of this action.

Even though many people are questioning and criticising her choices, Martina sticks to them, and her husband backs her up. She is a figure that causes a lot of controversy in the world of body modification and self-identity development because she doesn’t feel bad about breaking the rules and doesn’t want to change.

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