Baker Mayfield’s first child was born, and the Tampa Bay Buccaneers cheering squad now has a new member.

“Baby girl joined us Tuesday night just before 7:30 p.m.,” Baker’s wife Emily Mayfield wrote on April 13 on her Instagram Story. “She is really everything we prayed for and more.”

Evan, 33, and Baker, 28, named their daughter Kova Jade. She was born on April 9 and weighed 9 pounds and 2 ounces.

She added on Saturday, “We’re enjoying life as a family of four,” which means the couple, Kova, and their dog. “Fergus is so kind and interested.” Daddy is crazy about you, and Mom wants to stop time and make these days last forever.

Emily shared the first picture of their baby girl on Instagram Story in a second story. Baker was lying on a bed and holding Kova in a white, soft blanket in the picture. Their dog did what they asked and watched, putting a paw on Baker’s hand. Kova’s face was covered with a white heart emoji.

Emily gushed over the picture, “I swear my heart could explode at any moment.” “Bake was meant to be a dad.”

Baker shared the picture of his family again on his Instagram Stories on Saturday, saying that he “can’t even express the pure joy.”

Baker began dating Emily in 2017 and they got married in 2018. In December 2023, they told everyone that they were going to have their first child.

The two of them shared pregnancy photos on Instagram and wrote, “We’ve been hiding a little something…🤫👀.” “But we are THRILLED to tell you that little Mayfield girl will be joining our crazy group in early April 2024!”

Travis Kelce, another NFL star, was thrilled about the couple’s new baby. “Ayyyéee!!” “Good job, guys,” the 34-year-old Kansas City Chiefs tight end wrote in an Instagram comment.

Baker and Emily’s marriage was at the centre of a cheating scandal in the past. Kaci Dingess, a Cleveland Browns fan, said in February 2020 that she had a short fling with Baker the year before. Baker used to play quarterback for the Browns before he was moved to the Buccaneers.

When Dingess left, he said, “Good doing business with you,” but he was kidding. He said this on Rover’s Morning Glory show. “He said, ‘Don’t say that!'” I laughed and said, “I’m having fun.” After that, I lost my Juul in his car, and it took us a while to find it. He said, “Okay, well, drive safe,” and I replied, “Okay, see you.””

Dingess says Baker reportedly blocked her on social media after she told Baker about the claims. Baker and Emily never talked about Dingess’s claims or the rumours that the NFL star had been cheating on his wife.

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