Tina Brown is a journalist and the author of The Diana Chronicles. She believes that Princess Kate Middleton will lead the royal family into the future.

Brown wrote an opinion piece for The New York Times on March 25 that said, “After William, Catherine is the most popular member of the royal family.” “She is the thread that holds the future of the monarchy together.”

Brown’s words came out weeks after there was a lot of talk about where Kate was after she disappeared from public view for a planned medical procedure. The Princess of Wales, 42, said in a statement on March 22 that she had been diagnosed with cancer and was beginning chemotherapy. The news “came as a huge shock,” the royal said.

We were told at the time by a person that Kate had surgery on her stomach and then they found out she had cancer.

A month before Kate was diagnosed, King Charles III was also told he had an unknown type of cancer. In February, the 75-year-old king took a break from all of his tasks. Queen Camilla filled in for some of his public appearances, such as a trip to Northern Ireland last month.

“Help from other family members is scant,” Brown wrote in March. “Charles’ sister, Princess Anne, and Camilla are the only ones who get help.” “All of a sudden, the slimmed-down monarchy that Charles always pushed for looks very skinny.”

Kate and Prince William have mostly stayed out of the public eye since she told everyone about her diagnosis. Charles has continued to do less in public as he gets treatment for his illness once a week. According to Brown, “Charles’s cancer has put William, 41, and Catherine in frighteningly close proximity to ascending the throne,” which is said to be giving the couple “intense anxiety.”

During a military event at the palace on April 8, Charles asked his brother Prince Edward and his wife Duchess Sophie to take his place for the first time ever. In an important event at Buckingham Palace, the royal couple and Hélène Duchêne, the French ambassador to the UK, changed the guard.

On March 31, Charles went to Windsor Castle for an Easter Sunday church service and met people outside of St. George’s Chapel. When royal fans told the king, “Get well soon,” he said, “I’m doing my best.”

Family members have been helping out with some tasks, but Charles is said to have told royal staff that he is ready for a trip to Australia later this year. “The king is ready to go after taking a lot of time off because he was diagnosed with cancer,” a source told The Sun in the UK.

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