Chance Brown and Tabitha Brown, an actress and author, have been married for twenty years.

An Auntie on social media shared her happiness with her fans on Instagram; she was dressed up.

The Cute Instagram Post by Tabitha

The 45-year-old woman shared some old photos of herself and her boyfriend on Instagram. The text on her picture said, “It’s our anniversary,” and it had happy emojis. They’ve been together for 21 years and are still together.

Tab’s sweet message went on, “Today marks 21 years of marriage and 26 years of being together!!!” Being with you, @teamchancebrown, makes my life whole.”

“I love you so much!” Tabitha Brown said. “Here’s to always, honey.”

On the couple’s special day, fans of the mum of two showered them with love.

Therapist Kier Gaines wrote, “My bro @teamchancebrown smized when he came out of the womb…” Smouldering is what it is…Enjoy your anniversary. “Love you all.”

A heart-eye emoji was used to say “Awww Beautiful” by @blissfulnique. And she said, “Happy Anniversary to you both! May God bless your marriage always.”

A comedian named B. Simone said, “This is so inspiring.” Thanks for being my love for so many years. I love you so much.”


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As was already said, the pair celebrated their 20th wedding anniversary with a private photo shoot in 2023.

People asked Tab and Chance what they did instead of renewing their vows. They said they chose the “simple” option.

The TikTok star said it was like their wedding day during the picture shoot.

Tab also said, “It felt like we were about to get married.” “It got soft for both of us.”


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Tab and Chance went on a date in middle school, but they broke up before they started high school. She said that her mother, who died in 2007 from ALS, always told her that Chance would be her husband. The Emmy winner said she thought her mum was “weird” for saying those things, but in the end, she was right.

After high school, they went to different schools. “He was the only person I could think about when I woke up in the middle of the night,” Tabitha said. She got in touch with him, and that was that.

Say it with me: “Thanks [Tab and Chance] for sticking together ’cause we don’t know how.”

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