This group of dads is where Usher found love.

The R&B star is definitely excited to burn up the stage at the 2024 Super Bowl Halftime Show, but being a dad to Usher “Cinco” V, 16, Naviyd, 15, Sovereign, 3, and Sire, 2 is what really makes him say “Yeah!” Actually, Usher’s kids are the ones who inspire him the most when it comes to music.

Take his song “I Cry,” for example. The Grammy winner wrote it after an emotional moment with his two oldest boys while they were watching a movie together.

Uzher told the radio station WPGC 95.5 FM in 2020, “I’m not afraid to tell my kids the truth about the fact that I didn’t have a relationship with my father at all.” “And there was a moment between a dad and his son that made me cry.” My kids look at me and ask, “Are you crying?”

Not only did Usher not mind that his teens saw how weak he was, the 45-year-old singer also told them, “It’s okay to cry.”

When Usher made the 2020 track, “my kids were at the forefront of my mind.” He also said, “It’s relevant to this time and will continue to be relevant as we move forward.”

But how do his kids feel about having a famous artist as a dad? The singer Usher joked in an interview with Tamron Hall in 2022, “They don’t care,” adding that his teenage sons “are now less interested in spending time with me, oddly.”

He added in jest, “Unless I’m paying for something they want or taking them to a concert.”

Read on for a deep look into Usher’s family tree and more of his family confessions.

Usher sings “Cinco” Ralph V.

Usher became a dad for the first time on November 27, 2007, when he and his wife at the time, Tameka Foster, had their son Usher Raymond V.

The singer, whose real name is Usher Raymond IV, called him Cinco because he was the fifth person in his family to have that name.

The singer told Tamron Hall in 2022, “I have one son, Cinco, who doesn’t like to be called Usher and tries to get away from it.”

Ralph Naviyd

On December 10, 2008, Usher and Tameka had a baby boy named Naviyd Raymond.

As the Grammy winner puts it, his second son “really loves entertainment” and may be dad’s harshest reviewer.

Uzo told Tamron Hall, “Not only does he watch my show, he gives me feedback.” “He said, ‘You missed this.'” That wasn’t something you did. “Yeah, that’s the point,” I said. Any given night shouldn’t be the same.

Foster, Tameka •

Uzher’s first wife is Tameka. Before they became romantically involved in 2005, she worked as the singer’s stylist.

They got married on August 3, 2007, just a few months after saying they were going to get married. On September 1, 2007, they had a bigger wedding to celebrate their marriage.

But by June 2009, their relationship was over, and Usher filed for divorce in Atlanta. Even though they got a divorce five months later, Usher and Tameka fought in court for years over who would have custody of their two boys.

In the end, the R&B star was given primary custody of Usher V and Naviyd in 2012.

Usher and Tameka seemed to be getting along well in recent years. In 2023, for Mother’s Day, he wrote on Instagram, “Thank you for the gifts you’ve given.” Thanks for everything.

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King Raymond the Great

His girlfriend Jennifer Goicoechea gave birth to their first child together on September 24, 2020. It was a daughter named Sovereign Raymond.

“Sovereign is such a beautiful word and name to me,” he told Extra in a 2021 interview about what the name meant to him. “A supreme ruler is clearly the name that was given.”

Since the child is the only girl in his family, Usher joked at the time, “She’s definitely running the house.”

Father Raymond

Usher and Jennifer had their son Sire Raymond on September 29, 2021, at 6:45 p.m. When he got there, the boy weighed 7 pounds 13 ounces.

U2 told People in 2022, “He’s not like any of my other kids.” “When I talk to him and how we talk to each other, we have a little code that we follow.” “He turns me into mush.”

Kathy Goicoechea Jennifer

Jennifer was first linked to Usher in October 2019 when she was seen kissing the “Yeah!” singer behind the scenes at one of his shows. Four months after the Oscars, the two went to Vanity Fair’s yearly after-party together.

“I have an amazing partner, a support system,” Usher told People in 2023 about the music executive. “Our relationship has such a great balance that I can still be passionate about what I do and have an amazing partner to help me get through some of the tougher times as a young man dealing with kids and how to talk to them.”

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