Talk show star Wendy Williams’ ex-husband Kevin Hunter has not yet said that he wants to marry her again. Hunter talked about why he chose to get back together with Williams in an interview.

Hunter said that their relationship in the past had some problems, but he thinks that their link is very strong at its core.

He also said that their relationship is strong because they have been together for over 20 years and raised a kid together. Hunter still hopes that they will get back together in the future and said that he still loves Williams.

Hunter officially said sorry to Williams for his past mistakes, and this news comes after that. He told her he was sorry for the pain he caused her at their wedding in his apology.

Hunter made it clear that he had learned from his mistakes and was ready to work on their relationship. He admitted that they need to rebuild trust, but he is sure that he will make things right and get back together with her.

Hunter also talked about how worried he was about Williams’ health and well-being. He told her that he would be there for her in tough times and help her in any way he could.

He said that her problems with addiction and health issues had made him think about their relationship and his priorities again.

In the end, Kevin Hunter said he wanted to marry Wendy Williams again, pointing out how well they get along and how they were married before.

He admitted that he had made mistakes in the past and promised to work on their relationship and rebuild trust.

Hunter stressed how important it was for both himself and Williams to work on their own personal growth and get help while they were apart.

He finally gets that Williams has to be ready to give their wedding another chance, and he accepts her choice to focus on her own healing.

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