Some couples have babies soon after getting married, while others may not see their own child for years. For the people of Nigeria, they have to wait more than 30 years before they can hold their own kids.

Margaret Adenega, who is 68 years old, just recently had beautiful twin babies. She had been waiting for them for 46 years. According to stories, Margaret had three IVF procedures before she finally got pregnant.

Noah Adenuga, her 77-year-old husband, said that they have been married since 1974 and have always wanted a kid.

Margaret and Noah never give up, even though they were having a lot of problems along the way.

The old man Noah said, “I have a dream, and I believe our dreams and wishes will come true.”ny

“When we first started, I kept hitting my wife, you’ll get it.” It’s going to happen. It is only going to cost cash. Because she is older, I just asked my wife if she thought she could still carry a baby, and she said yes. “I told you to calm down, because it’s not over until it’s over,” Noah told CGT N in an interview.

Margaret said that the love and trust her husband had in her gave her a lot of strength. She said that Noah stayed by her side over the years, even though his family pushed him hard to find another woman to have children with.

They now have a daughter and a son, showing that all the hard work they put in up until now didn’t go to waste.

The babies were born at 37 weeks by C-section by Dr. Adeyemi Ok��nowo.

The hospital told her it was the first time they had ever seen a woman her age pregnant.

Dr. Adeyemi Okonjo, who welcomed the twins, said that because of Margaret’s age, a group of experts had been sent to keep an eye on her pregnancy. Dr. Adeyemi also said that older women might be able to get pregnant through IVF, but doctors should be aware of the health risks of pregnancy at that age.

They finally got their children after a fourth IVF try. It was the magic trick that made their dreams come true. Two kids.

Noah is happy every day that both kids and their mother are healthy.

It’s been 46 years, which is a long time. Congratulations to the group!

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