Jennifer Lopez once again defies her age by being a body-positive role model in the new Intimissimi campaign. In the brand’s sensual coffee-nude underwear, the 54-year-old star isn’t afraid to show off her curves. This colour scheme looks good on everyone.

That real beauty comes in all types and sizes is something that J.Lo says. She’s not ashamed to say that she loves unhealthy foods and doesn’t mind eating every once in a while. She does, however, stress how important balance is.

J.Lo makes staying active a priority to balance out her love of hearty foods. Her secret tool is dancing, which keeps her energised and burns extra calories. She also uses seasonal cleanses and smoothies to get rid of toxins in her body before summer, when she naturally eats more fresh fruits, veggies, and seafood.

Another important part of J.Lo’s health practice is staying hydrated. According to Dodd Romero, her trainer and chef, she tries to drink at least seven glasses of water every day which she makes a point of doing.

“Clean eating” is what J.Lo does instead of having processed foods. It’s easy to see that her meals are high in healthy fats like eggs, seafood, veggies, herbs, and whole grains.

Freshness is very important to her, so she makes her food at home and brings it to work, where she can keep an eye on the ingredients and portions.

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