Fans and reviewers have been putting Usher and Justin Timberlake against each other for years.

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The top artists, on the other hand, not only support each other, they were even working on new music together.

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JT is busy promoting his new album “Everything I Thought It Was.” During an interview with Broken Record, the musician was asked about rumours of a possible collaborative record.

Check out the parts that show what he said:

I read that Usher has been trying to get you to work with him on a record.Hey, Justin. Not too long ago

Q: not lately?Justin: Don’t do that! These days he’s been very busy.

Q: Yes, he has been (laughs) Yes, he has been very busy with a great stay.Justin: “That’s a bad man,” Usher said.

Q: Would you record with him?Justin: Sure thing! It has to be the right one, in my opinion. We went to the studio at first. I think I was going to write something for one of his future albums just to mess around, but I don’t think we ever found it. Got it? I don’t know, maybe we didn’t set aside enough time either.

Q: You should go into that with a sense of patience, right?Hey, Justin. Yeah, I know. But we should still go to the studio! That sounds like a lot of fun!

Uzher is the man.Justin: Okay.

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