Joe Manganiello, who played Magic Mike, was married to Sofia Vergara. After the news of their breakup came out, Maganiello seemed to start dating again pretty quickly.

Now it looks like Vergara is not only single again but has also found a boyfriend! You might know the guy she’s dating if you keep reading!

Sofia Vergara’s new show, Griselda, has been getting a lot of attention lately. She plays a bossy Colombian businesswoman who sets up one of the most successful drug gangs in history.

Many people heard about the actress’s public break from her famous actor husband, Joe Maganiello, a few months ago. So far, it looks like the star is ready to move on, since she has been linked to someone new.

It was seen that Vergara was going to dinner with a good-looking guy named Dr. Justin Saliman in October of last year. The actor was seen going to dinner with her date in Beverly Hills. She was wearing a black corset, purple suede trousers and black heels. She didn’t say anything about the date or whether it was serious.

Date of hers Dr. Justin Saliman went to Stanford to study sports medicine. During this time, he took care of SF 49ers and Stanford players. After that, he went to the University of Colorado School of Medicine to become a doctor. The doctor works at Los Angeles’s well-known Cedars-Sinai Hospital. He did his training in orthopaedic surgery in New York City at St. Luke’s-Roosevelt Hospital Centre of Columbia University.

He is also a doctor, but it looks like he is also an engineer. The NovoStitch Pro Meniscal Repair System is thought to have been his idea. Smith & Nephew, a business that makes medical technology, bought the technology in 2019 for an amazing $105 million. So it’s clear that he’s also done well! His website says that he still uses the tool to fix knee joints, and he is known as one of the world’s foremost experts on putting meniscus tears back together.

In October, they were first seen together. A month later, in November, a source told ET that their relationship was “going great” and that the star was “taking things slow.”

They’ve been seen together in public five months now, and it looks like Vergara is ready to tell him she loves him. She wrote about the guy she was seeing on her Instagram story, which was seen by everyone.

Some of the things she told her fans in one post were that she had major knee surgery and that she was in love.

She showed a picture of Dr. Saliman next to her bed. Sofia’s bandaged leg can be seen in the shot, and the doctor, dressed in dark blue scrubs, stands next to her with his hand on her bandaged knee. She wrote on the caption for the picture, “If you ever need major knee surgery, make sure you get a handsome doctor who will sleep with you that night!!!!” I love you, Dr. @jdsaliman.”

This is a great surprise from the actor, who hasn’t talked about her love life much since her split from Maganiello. The couple was formally divorced earlier this month, which means they are no longer together.

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