Newborn twins who can talk just one hour after birth are showing off their strong bond.

One thing that has always impressed me about twins is how good they are at man-to-man communication.It was so crowded that it was like living in a studio apartment in New York for nine months. They lived with their mother. Even though they didn’t talk, they knew each other pretty quickly and learned how to avoid each other’s space too. “Um. “Your foot is back in my face.” I’m sorry. “Let’s f*ck Mommy’s rī again for fun.” “OK!”

The young women in this movie are so cute as they show their relationship. You can almost see what’s going through their minds as they look into each other’s eyes. These newborn twins were already talking to each other just one hour after they were born. What a sweet bond these two already have.

The camera caught this beautiful moment right after the twin girls were born. The girls are wearing their new caps, and as soon as their parents realised they had one, they knew they had to record their first “conversation.” What a beautiful, moving moment! When their girls get older, they’ll be able to remember it and love it.

I can almost picture the act of conversation between these newborn twins. “Dana?” “All right, Dawn?” “It’s bigger out here than in mommy’s bag.” “Yυp.” Man, they wrapped him up really well. “I can’t move my arms…” “Yυp. “Neither do I.” “Let’s sleep.” “Cool.”

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