Will Smith is embarrassed again by Jada Smith, who confirms that she is “freaky off” with Diddy!

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People in Hollywood are talking about how actress Jada Pinkett Smith made her husband, actor Will Smith, look bad by confirming rumours that she had a sexual contact with hip-hop mogul Diddy.

The news came out during an interview in which Jada Pinkett Smith talked openly about her past relationships and experiences.

In an honest moment, she revealed the long-running rumours that she had a “freak off” with Diddy, which made Will Smith look confused and uneasy.

People are once again talking about how Jada and Will Smith’s marriage is doing, which has been the subject of a lot of attention in recent years.

The couple has talked about rumours of cheating and fighting in public before, but Jada’s honest statement has made people question how strong their relationship really is.

It’s hard for Will Smith to keep his cool as yet another public detail about his personal life comes to light. He’s clearly embarrassed.

The event is a reminder of how hard it is for famous people to deal with the complexities of fame and keep some privacy while being constantly watched by the media.

Even though the effects of Jada Pinkett Smith’s statement are still being felt, one thing is clear: even in Hollywood relationships that seem perfect, scandal is always a possibility.

After this latest embarrassing event, Jada and Will Smith may have a hard time getting through the next few months.

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