Veronica, who had a beautiful smile and chubby cheeks, happily realised her dream of taking her family to the beach today. As she stepped onto the sand beach and breathed in the salty sea breeze, her happiness was obvious.

Veronica was wearing a pretty pink swimsuit and was happy to run along the small waves and feel the cool, relaxing water. She looked at the small rocks in the water with her big, round eyes. She ran after the waves like a little fish every time they moved.

While playing with her parents, Veronica also built sand castles by making strange and creative forms. The kids are thrilled when they see their art grow big, pretty, and bright on the big beach.

These happy and warm times will always be remembered by Veronica and her family. Because right now, the easiest way to be happy is to spend time with loved ones and share joyful moments, especially on the beach, where worries melt away and only joy and happiness remain. Good mood.

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