The trouble between Oprah Winfrey and Taraji P.

Henson has gotten worse because Oprah is said to have blamed Taraji for the failure of the movie “Color Purple” because of complaints about pay and working conditions.

It is said that Oprah wants to ban Taraji from the entertainment business, and 50 Cent, who has had problems with Oprah in the past, backs this up.

Taraji’s complaints about not getting paid enough and being mistreated have led to a larger conversation about how black women are treated in the business, with Viola Davis, Keke Palmer, and Gabrielle Union all joining the conversation.

Things get worse as Taraji gets negative feedback and worries about her future. Oprah is said to be furious that the movie didn’t do well, since she had hoped it would be a hit for her production company.

To try to lessen the damage, Taraji has openly praised Oprah, and 50 Cent is standing by her, threatening to release damaging information about Oprah.

Some fans have come together to support Taraji, saying that Oprah’s handling of the situation is wrong and reminds them of how she treated Mo’Nique in the past.

Overall, this incident brings to light problems with unfair pay and mistreatment of black actors in Hollywood, showing how complicated and difficult the business is.

The ongoing fight brings up bigger issues of fairness, representation, and responsibility in the entertainment business.

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