Jennifer Lawrence hasn’t been to the Met Gala in over ten years. The last time she was at the event was in 2015. It was the same tonight.

Lawrence’s Met Gala debut was in 2013, in a black Christian Dior dress with flowers on the straps and a belt around the waist. As the night’s “PUNK: Chaos To Come” theme, she wore a netted veil in her hair.

In the same year, she talked to ELLE Canada about becoming a Dior ambassador and how her view on fashion has changed. “Fashion had never really interested me.” “Like every girl, I want to wear something that looks good, but I’ve never been very opinionated when it came to red carpets,” she said. “But if I don’t say anything, someone else will.” That’s why I chose to speak out more about what I like and don’t like. I might as well wear something I like if I have to!”

In November 2023, she talked to ELLE Canada again about her style and told the magazine, “I usually lean toward a more understated elegance and quiet l x ry.”

She also talked about how she became interested in watches, which eventually led to her becoming a Longines ambassador. “The first watch I ever wore was a digital one with a question-and-answer pad that looked like a Magic 8-Ball.” You could ask, “Does that person have a crush on me?” “And they’d say, ‘No way!'” she remembered. “After about four or five years, I started to care about watches.” When my husband and I got engaged, my brother-in-law gave me a watch from his dad. Of course, it was just really meaningful to me. That’s when I became interested in watches, which is how I found Longines.

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