In a shocking and dramatic turn of events, Guy Fieri, a famous cook, has banned Whoopi Goldberg from his restaurant for good.

The event has become the talk of Hollywood, and friends and other people are wondering what made the person make such a terrible choice.

The fight is said to have happened at one of Fieri’s famous restaurants, where things got really heated between the two stars.

Eyewitnesses say that Fieri and Goldberg got into a heated argument, but the details of the fight are still not clear.

Sources say that the argument started over a small issue but quickly got worse.

Guy Fieri, who is known for having a big personality and not wasting time, was allegedly furious with Goldberg’s behaviour, which he thought was inappropriate for his business.

Fieri was upset and said in a statement, “I’ve always welcomed everyone to my restaurants with open arms, but there are standards of respect and decorum that must be maintained.”

Poor Whoopi, what she did crossed the line.

Whoopi Goldberg, a famous actor and co-host of “The View,” hasn’t said anything about what happened in public.
However, people who are close to her say that she was shocked by the ban and thinks that things have become too serious.

There have been a lot of responses on social media, with fans of both celebrities weighing in on the situation.

Some people have backed Fieri’s choice to uphold the standards of his restaurant, while others have defended Goldberg by pointing out that she has a long history of being professional and polite.

As the story goes on, one thing is for sure: the fight between Guy Fieri and Whoopi Goldberg has made a big splash that people will not soon forget.

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