People on social media are nostalgically talking about a big event in which Kris Jenner organised a DNA test to dispel rumours about Khloe Kardashian’s father and her possible link to O.J.

Simpson. Kris Jenner wrote about this event in her autobiography, “Kris Jenner… And All Things Kardashian.” It shows a rough time in the Kardashian family.

In her autobiography, Kris Jenner wrote about her affair, which led to rumours about Khloe’s real father.

Khloe agreed to a DNA test because Kris was determined to put an end to the rumours.

However, Khloe’s refusal caused stress in the family, and fans eagerly anticipated the result, which was never revealed.

Since O.J. Simpson died not long ago, people on social media have started talking about and demanding answers about Khloe’s father.

Because the DNA test hasn’t been completed yet, many people are wondering what the truth is behind the rumours.

People on social media sites, like X (formerly Twitter), talked about the episode and shared their memories and ideas.

Some users were upset that there wasn’t any closure. One person said that Khloe’s failure to take the test made the results too unclear.

Others laughed as they remembered the family problems and tensions that were shown during the event.

In the middle of all the accusations, some people praised Khloe for choosing to focus on her identity and family ties over the outside rumours.

Fans talked about Khloe’s faith in her parents and how much she looks like her dad, Rob Kardashian.

People are once again interested in this unfinished part of the Kardashian family history. This shows how interesting famous stories are.

People are still interested in the story, even though a lot of time has passed. It shows how the Kardashian-Jenner family can handle public scrutiny while still having a strong sense of identity and unity.

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