In Kenya, some artists started out as secular singers and then changed their styles.

Others were born into farming homes but chose to make music for fun.

This is a list…

Victoria Kimani

Kenyan artiste, Victoria Kimani. FILE PHOTO

Born in Los Angeles, California, to parents who were ministers.

Her childhood was a mix of the two societies.

Father’s House Family Church is owned by Victoria’s parents and is in Ruiru, Kiambu County.

“They are still pastors,” I said. That family was different because their parents are normal African parents, but not too typical because we lived in America for a long time. They got up early and went to the US to go to school. I went with them. Victoria said in an episode of “Weekend with Betty” on K24 TV that they mixed their culture with American culture.

Of course, like many famous artists, she learned to sing in church before going on to make music for fun.

Victoria said that her parents would rather her use her voice to serve God through gospel music, but they care about her success, so they back her in her secular music business.

“Because my dad is a musician, I think he likes the music part. My mom would much rather me sing gospel music.” It’s what they want, but to be honest, my parents only want the best for me. They are happy when I do well, and even when I don’t do well, they post things on Facebook that they are proud of, she said.


Nyashinski is a well-known name in Kenya’s secular business world. His father was a priest.

Others, like Bebi Bebi, Finyo, and Kebs, are not religious songs that Nyash, as his fans call him, has tried.

It’s possible to tell that he wrote some of his songs about God or spiritual things to honor his religious father. Let’s look at the song Mungu Pekee.

It’s what they want, but to be honest, my parents only want the best for me. They’re happy when I do well, and even when I don’t, they still post things on Facebook that they’re proud of.

Khaligraph Jones

Khaligraph Jones

His mother is a church preacher, and he comes from a very religious Christian family. This played a big part in his spiritual awakening.

“People who have kept up with me know that I come from a background of prayer.” “The most important person in my life has been my pastor mother,” he said.

Khaligraph also put out a record called “Testimony 1990” that was a gift to his mother, who has always loved his music.

famous people who quit the public eye to become pastors

In the early 2000s, Lovy Longomba and his late brother Christian ruled Kenyan music, with hits like “Dondosa,” “Queen,” and “Vuta Pumz” making it to the top of the lists.

At the height of their fame, the duo was known for electrifying performances. Eventually, they went to the United States.

Lovy changed his life and gave his life to Christ there.

His name is RCJC and he started the Revelation Church of Jesus Christ in Los Angeles. He is now the main pastor of that church.

He does wonders and says he is a prophet.


Kenyan gospel artiste Circuit.

While Circuit was famous for his hit song “Manyake,” his sexually charged words made him famous before he became a preacher.

Circuit and his partner Jo-el put out “Juala (Manyake),” which is one of the sexiest songs ever recorded in Kenya.

After stepping out of the spotlight for a while, he came back as a speaker in 2018, changing his name to Circuit Righteous and working at the Harvest International Center Church.

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