Diddy tells them they can go shopping with him the next day to get them to come over, but they don’t want to. “I’m good with my cash,” they all say. When Diddy tries to offer to make a music video, the answer is savage: “LOL…last time you had a fling, I was in high school.” “I’m fine.” On top of that, they send a picture of 50 Cent from Entourage laughing his head off while driving fast.

50 Cent has been trolling Diddy on social media for a long time. Most recently, after CNN released surveillance video that supposedly showed Combs abusing his then-girlfriend Cassie Ventura in 2016, he turned his attention to Diddy.

A report from TMZ says that 50 Cent revealed on social media on Tuesday that he had sold Netflix a multi-part documentary about Combs’ legal problems. So far, six civil charges have been made against Combs for things other than crimes. Tuesday was the last day to make a claim.

A top federal law enforcement officer who was briefed on the investigation said that he is also being looked into by a unit of the Department of Homeland Security that looks into crimes like human trafficking.

Combs has already denied all of the claims of wrongdoing. CNN has asked Netflix and 50 Cent’s representatives for their thoughts.

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