There have been rumors lately that X never really trusted Jay and thought he was a snake who never wanted other people to succeed.

DMX warned Jay Z that he was a Hollywood scumbag

DMX had also said before that Jay ruined his sixth studio record because he was scared of the competition…But Jay never said this, of course.

On Valentine’s Day, Beyoncé is letting her heart and more out.

The singer wished her fans a happy holiday by posting a video on Instagram with several pictures of herself wearing a hot lace dress while her new song “Texas Hold ‘Em” played in the background.The song came out on Sunday.

For her first look, the singer wore a black, sheer dress over a bra and thong. She also wore long, sheer gloves and a black cowboy hat. The three-parent mom wore a hot maroon lip color and her hair was styled in free waves.

Her husband, JAY-Z, wore a black tuxedo and stood for some pictures with her. She married him in April 2008 and they have two children. For her second look, she wore a v-neck bodysuit, long leather boots, a cape jacket, and a lot of rings.

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