Some people on social media are shocked that famous rapper Kanye West shared a controversial video that supposedly shows his ex-wife Kim Kardashian at Diddy’s “Nasty Freak0ffs” event.

When Kanye West put the video on his social media account, it got a lot of attention right away from both online communities and the media. In the short video, Kim Kardashian is seen at a party with a loud and crazy vibe, where sexy scenes are likely to happen without any restrictions.

Many people are worried and critical of the event, which is called “Nasty Freak0ffs” and is known for being very expensive and not having any rules about what can be said. Since Kim Kardashian is still going through the divorce process with Kanye West, her appearance in this movie has caused even more controversy.

However, many people have quickly spoken out against what Kanye West did. Their argument is that leaking this video is not only an invasion of Kim Kardashian’s privacy, but it is also hurtful to their marriage.

On the other hand, some people think this could be part of Kanye West’s plan to get attention and cause trouble right now.

At the time this was written, neither Kanye West nor Kim Kardashian had said anything about it. But everyone is eagerly waiting for their answer in the next few days.

People are often interested in the private lives of celebrities. The release of this video again makes people wonder where the line is between privacy and public criticism in the social media age.

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