It was in a new interview that Snoop Dogg talked about seeing Tupac right before he died.

If you watch the latest episode of Impaulsive (which you can watch below), Snoop talked about visiting Tupac in the hospital soon after he and Suge Knight were shot in 1996.

He said in the interview, “[Suge] got shot in the head, but he was sitting up here talkin’ to us.” “On our way to Vegas to see Pac, we stopped at Suge’s house first, so we haven’t even seen Pac yet.” We were just talking to Suge, who had his head wrapped up and was telling us what had happened. He said things like, “Pac is going to be okay, he’s going to pull through. He’s been shot nine times before, he’s going to be okay, they hit me in the head.”

However, Snoop said that when he went to see Tupac, he was so shocked that he passed out at the hospital.

“He had tubes in his body, and when I walked in, I felt like he wasn’t even there, and I passed out.” Then his mother, Afeni Shakur, picked me up, walked me to the bathroom, and talked to me about being strong. “My baby ain’t never seen you weak,” she said. I don’t want him to see you as weak. After getting ready in the bathroom, you go back in and talk to him about how you feel…”My child loves you.”

Snoop said, “She knew how much we loved each other.” “So, she gave us a moment for me to say some things to him, as far as how much I love him, but I knew that that was gonna be my last time speaking with him.”

In other news, earlier this year it was reported that a movie would be made about Tupac’s mother’s life.

Peace, Love, and Respect: The Afeni Shakur/Panther 21 Story will be about two very important years in her life, from 1969 to 1971, when she joined the Black Panther Party.

Afeni was a well-known member of the group until he died in 2016. She joined in 1968 and was caught with the “Panther 21.” They were put on trial for planning bomb attacks in New York but were found not guilty.

Jasmine Guy and Jamal Joseph will be the lead producers of the new biopic, and Dina LaPolt will be in charge of making it. The Shakur estate has also given their support to the movie.

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