Patty was eagerly looking forward to celebrating her 90th birthday with her daughter and grandchildren. However, when they didn’t show up, she found herself sharing her special day with an unexpected guest who brought surprising news.

“My name is Patty, and I can confidently say that I’ve had a happy and fulfilling life. Since my husband passed away a few years ago, my daughter Angie has been my closest family member.

I was thrilled about turning 90 and had been eagerly anticipating the day. Angie had promised she would visit with my grandchildren, and I was so looking forward to it. Seeing my grandkids always warmed my heart, reminding me of raising Angie with my husband. They looked so much like their mother and gave me a sense of nostalgia.

They also resembled their father, John, Angie’s ex-husband, whom I always adored. Learning about their divorce broke my heart. John was the closest thing I had to a son. He was kind and caring, and he still sends me Christmas letters every year. I wished he and Angie could have worked things out, but life had other plans.

On the day of my birthday, I was filled with excitement. But as the day progressed, I started to worry. By lunchtime, Angie still hadn’t arrived, and she wasn’t answering her phone. I assumed she was driving and couldn’t pick up, but as time went on, it seemed like another day I would spend alone.

Finally, the doorbell rang. I was thrilled and, despite my frail knees, I hurried to the door. To my surprise, it was John standing there with gifts and flowers.

“Happy Birthday, Ma!” he greeted me with a warm smile.

“John? What a surprise! You didn’t have to do this!” I replied, delighted.

“I just wanted to bring you something special for your big day,” John said, handing me the presents.

“Is that my favorite chocolate? You remembered!” I exclaimed, blushing slightly.

“How could I forget? You always loved it,” John laughed.

“You’re too kind. Will you join me for dinner?” I asked.

“Oh, I don’t want to impose. I just wanted to drop off your gifts,” John replied modestly.

“Nonsense! I’d love the company, and I’m planning to make apple pie,” I insisted.

“Apple pie? Well, you should have led with that!” John joked as he stepped inside.

John was a fantastic cook, which always reminded me of my late husband. We spent the day cooking together, and it was wonderful. As we sat down for dinner, John asked about Angie.

“Will Angie and the kids be joining us? I didn’t want to intrude,” John said.

“Of course not! You’re family, and no, I don’t think Angie will be coming today,” I replied, feeling disappointed.

“Oh, that’s a shame. You shouldn’t spend your birthday alone,” John said.

“Well, I’m not alone, thanks to you,” I said, holding his hand. “Thank you, John.”

“It’s no problem. But why didn’t Angie and the kids come? I thought they’d be here,” John continued.

“They were supposed to come, but Angie isn’t answering my calls. I don’t know what happened, but I’m sure she’ll call soon,” I said.

“Let me try calling her,” John suggested.

To my surprise, Angie answered when John called. After a brief conversation, John explained why they hadn’t come.

“Patty, it turns out Angie, her new boyfriend, and the kids are on vacation,” John said, looking upset.

“Vacation? She didn’t tell me anything about it. Why would she do that?” I asked, bewildered.

“Your guess is as good as mine. I can’t believe she took the kids without telling me,” John replied.

“I’m really disappointed. She could have at least let me know,” I said, feeling hurt.

“I’m sorry, Patty. It seems like this trip was planned for a while. I think your daughter went too far this time,” John said, sounding frustrated.

“Yes, this is very upsetting,” I agreed.

I was completely unprepared for this news, and it left me heartbroken. Angie could have at least informed me that she wouldn’t be able to come. After talking with her briefly, I asked her to visit with the kids as soon as she could.

Though she didn’t want to upset me, it was too late. I love her dearly, but I was deeply hurt. Thankfully, John was there to comfort me, but I was unsure how to trust Angie again.

What should I have done in this situation?

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