Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck appear to be on the verge of divorce, as they are discreetly attempting to sell their recently purchased home. Sources close to the situation informed TMZ that the couple has enlisted realtor Santiago Arana from The Agency to handle the sale of their Beverly Hills mansion, which they bought just over a year ago for slightly more than $60 million.

The couple spent nearly two years searching for the perfect home, touring more than 80 properties before deciding on the sprawling estate.

Reports indicate that their marriage is facing serious issues. Ben has already moved out of their shared home and is currently residing in a rental property in Brentwood.

Sources say Jennifer is actively looking for a new place to live. Arana has been showing their home for about two weeks, coinciding with the signs of trouble in their relationship. Despite the effort, no buyers have emerged yet.

The asking price for the mansion is around $65 million. However, after accounting for the broker’s commission, a new tax on high-value properties, and the significant amount they spent on improvements, the couple stands to lose millions on the sale.

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