Sarah Ferguson has shared a heartfelt birthday wish for the late Princess Diana on what would have been her 63rd birthday ¹. Ferguson posted a throwback picture of herself with Diana, writing, “Happy birthday to my dear friend, Diana. You were a pillar of light and love.

And what a legacy you have left behind.” Ferguson also said that she will always remember their laughter and the kind spirit she found in Diana, and that she is sure Diana is watching over them always. Ferguson and Princess Diana became friends after Ferguson married Prince Andrew in 1986, and they became close confidants ².

Ferguson said that Diana introduced her to Prince Andrew, and that she and Diana used to talk about their mental health issues. Ferguson also said that she and Diana were positioned as saints and sinners, but they remained robust no matter what anyone wrote, which was the most important thing in their friendship.

Princess Diana died in a car crash in 1997, aged only 36 ¹. The People’s Princess married then-Prince Charles on July 29, 1981. The duo had a troubled marriage and separated in 1992, with their divorce being finalized in 1996.

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