This single father raised an Olympic gold medalist from a troubled youth.
An unmarried gay guy who adopted a sick Cambodian youngster and helped him become an Olympic champion has been called a “inspiration” for his acts.

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According to TODAY, Jerry Windle never thought he’d become a father because many told him he couldn’t as a gay guy. He has enjoyed seeing his adopted kid compete in the Tokyo Olympics this summer.

After reading an article in a local journal, he considered adopting a child. The article gave Jerry the choice to adopt a Cambodian child, where it was not indicated that the child was motherless and could be adopted by anyone.

Jerry told TODAY, “After that, the narrative went on to detail the tight bond that existed between the father and his son, and as it did, I felt like something clicked in my head… I contacted the number in the article and asked, “I just read an article; is it realistic for a single person to adopt a child?” The response was “Yes, it is possible.”

Two months later, he was in a Cambodian orphanage caring for Jordan, an ill boy. Cambodian orphanage. Malnutrition and scabies plagued Jordan at that time.
The ecstatic adoptive parent said he fell in love with his child “at first sight” despite not knowing if he would survive. He said this despite not knowing if his baby would survive.

But, he promised the youngster that he would do everything in his ability to guarantee that the child never felt pain again and that his life was as fulfilling as possible.
Jerry was unable to attend the Olympic trials to support his son Jordan, who placed second in the diving competition and qualified for the US diving squad. Jordan competed in diving and made the team. Jerry missed due to unforeseen circumstances.

Nonetheless, Jerry is now being lauded on social media for his story.
“Congratulations, from one adoptive parent to another!!” tweeted one Twitter user. I find it fascinating. You’ve changed a child’s life, but not history.
“This is such a sweet and heartwarming story,” said a third person. Congrats on winning the Olympics and being so proud of your country, but also for finding each other and developing a love that will last forever. They set an example.”

Jerry said Jordan started diving at seven. Jerry said Jordan’s Olympic journey began here.
After that, at 16 years old, he was invited to participate in a Cambodian diving show meant to inspire young people. Phnom Penh hosted the exposition.

Media coverage was overwhelming. We weren’t ready, and we didn’t know how well-known Jordan was in Cambodia due to the internet, which made things even worse for us. Jerry said, “He’s kind of like a national hero in Cambodia.”

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