Neighbor Buys 89-Year-Old Widow’s Home Following Eviction So She May Return

One Hudson, Florida, neighborhood is proving that neighborliness is still alive.
Because her buyer went to Europe and ceased paying the mortgage, Angie Tyma was evicted in November 2016. Foreclosure followed.

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Nobody supported Tyma. She didn’t expect to be homeless at 89, 20 years after her husband’s death. She told Today that losing her home after so long was terrifying.
“I went through hell and back,” the elderly woman told the newspaper. “35 years in this house.”

She added: “They threw me out. It was unbelievable.”

The property management firm forced her out. Tyma told ABC Action News they tossed out much of her furniture and belongings without thinking.

The company’s actions were “heartless,” Tyma told the newspaper.

Tyma had to rent a neighboring hotel after being evicted.

Her neighbors banded together to find a solution, alarmed.

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according to Today. Calder did not disclose rent.

“Quite honestly, I didn’t need another house,” 65-year-old Calder told the outlet. I needed her. She’s been here too long to live in a motel. Everyone protects her.”

Calder spends time in Massachusetts and Florida.

Tyma returned home in December 2016 after three weeks at the Days Inn, coincidentally on her 89th birthday. Her neighbors painted the house too.

Tyma called returning home one of her best birthday gifts.

“Usually one of my neighbors bakes me a cake every year, but this time, when I stepped out of the car and saw all these people and the media… “Shocked,” she remarked. I was mute. I couldn’t speak.”

Her first task was organizing her furnishings and belongings.

I’m unpacking. “I had lots of broken stuff,” she stated. “I clean.”

Tyma thanked her neighbors, especially Calder, for their assistance.

But, Calder argued Tyma would have changed the neighborhood.

“Everybody knows Angie,” she told Today. “She walks two small dogs. She’s old, yet she’s fierce and energetic.”

She said she just wanted to help.
“We’re family—the whole neighborhood,” she remarked.

The neighbors’ friendship moved viewers.

“Her helpers are great. “Thanks for renewing my trust in humanity,” one person said.

“Bless that family for helping her. “Shame on her landlord that is ridiculous,” another person remarked.

That’s a great community story. This woman did well. “She is incredibly lucky to have such sweet, compassionate, and generous neighbors,” a third user said.

Many criticized how easy an elderly woman was evicted and how her case was handled.

“We need new laws for the elderly, you can’t evict them without going to trial, a judge will decide how long that individual lived there, if it’s been over 20 years they can freeze any sale of that home or the new homeowner can’t evict that elderly person, either & can’t increase the rent,” one comment read.

Another sympathetic viewer wrote: “Why are u doing this to senior people… shame on you.”

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