Jewish Couple Married 91 Years With 64 Grandchildren Still Love | “My First and Last Woman”
Older love is unique. Today, finding a true love is a “fantasy.” Zechariah and Shama’a, on the other hand, teach us new feelings of love and loyalty and reassure us that even if you lose everything, love will lead you to total joy and richness.

and Shama’a married at 12 and 10, respectively. In Yemen, orphans had to marry young to maintain Jewish communal membership. After losing everything, these abandoned kids supported each other for life.

They overcame poverty, persecution, and other challenges together.

The youth’s lives weren’t easy. Shama’a said. The newlyweds lived in poverty, cleaning out a donkey barn. He only married once. Zechariah said she never expelled her. The two fled Jewish persecution by moving to Israel in their mid-20s. They planned 11 children and now have 64 grandchildren and great-grandchildren.

The centenarians think their blissful marriage is simple: Zechariah said he was lucky to obtain her from God. Shama’a says they enjoyed living together “without fighting.” It’s hard to think that these abandoned youngsters, who were married as children and lived in such awful conditions, were able to make a life together and overcome their challenges. Zechariah stated God protected them throughout.

The couple’s touching Instagram tale has garnered many likes and comments. “I couldn’t tolerate mine for 91 days in 91 years,” one social media user said.

“The real love! A couple that sincerely loves each other is beyond our comprehension!”

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