The actor’s 60th birthday started off on a sad note when he posted a tribute to his late friend Jeff Beck. He was known as one of Hollywood’s wildest partygoers, so this was a big change from the image he had built up over the years. It gives the impression that the famous actor might finally be ready to start over after years of trouble and scandal.

Johnny Depp, who was devastated by Jeff’s death, paid respect to him on stage with his band after a broken ankle forced him to cancel some shows.

Depp was back on stage and ready to act in front of a crowd of people who loved him. Usually, this would be a reason for the star to celebrate, but he took a different approach. Instead of using the stage to brag about his accomplishments, he used it to pay a heartfelt tribute to Jeff. Depp decided to celebrate the achievements of his friend, who died of bacterial meningitis at the age of 78.


Beck’s sudden death left Depp in a deep state of grief. This loss hurt him a lot because it came after he had fought Amber Heard in court for a long time.

During his case, Johnny’s most personal and embarrassing details were made public for everyone to see. At the time, the courtroom drama between Johnny and Amber, in which they were accused of abuse, violence, verbal attack, and drug use, drew a lot of attention and made people feel both fascinated and scared. Many people thought that the court case should have been made into a movie.


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In the end, Depp won his legal fight with Amber. He then went on what became known as a “celebration tour” with his best friend Beck.

The DailyMail says that Beck gave Depp the much-needed support he needed during the ups and downs of his life. But while the Amber vs. Depp trial may be the most well-known thing to happen to Depp in recent years, his problems started when he was just 11 years old and turned to drugs to deal with his “absent” father and abusive mother.

After his speech, people at a concert in Romania sang “Happy Birthday to Depp.”
Depp, who turns 60 on Friday, and his band Hollywood Vampires started their European tour with a concert in front of more than 40,000 people at Bucharest’s Romexpo arena in Romania. As the clock hit midnight, Depp’s bandmate Alice Cooper asked the crowd to sing “Happy Birthday” to Depp. “Wow. “That’s the biggest “Happy Birthday” song I’ve ever heard,” Depp told the crowd after the performance, as seen in a video the band posted to Instagram of the moment.

“Beautiful. “Thank you,” said the actor and singer as he put his right hand over his heart and blew a kiss to his fans. Depp was seen performing with a soft leg cast on his left leg. This was the band’s first show since Depp announced on May 29 that he had broken his ankle. Before going overseas, Hollywood Vampires moved three of their shows in New Hampshire, Boston, and New York.


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On the other hand, Depp said in an Instagram Story that the group’s earnings from their show in Istanbul “will be donated to the DEC (Disasters Emergency Committee)” This was months after deadly earthquakes hit Turkey and Syria in February, killing thousands. The Hollywood Reporter says that Depp wants to direct a movie in September. Al Pacino and Barry Navidi will work with him to make the movie.

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