Fat Joe is a well-known rapper and hip-hop star who has a lot of fans. Family has always been a big part of his brand. His “brother” Big Pun introduced him to the world, and his regular collaborators like Remy Ma and Jennifer Lopez are known to be like family to him.

Joe is a husband and a father in his real home. Over the years, he’s talked more about his family, which he says was something he worried about for a while because he has a son with autism.

Since the mid-1990s, Fat Joe, who was born Joseph Antonio Cartagena, has been a constant in hip-hop. When he met fellow Latino MC Big Pun, he was working on his third studio record. They became close and started Terror Squad together. When Big broke into the mainstream, he brought Fat Joe with him, and the two of them became stars. After Pun died, Fat Joe stepped into the spotlight and started making songs like “Lean Back” and “What’s Luv?” that were popular in the mainstream.

Fat Joe is married and has three children. He has been married for over 20 years. Right now, their family lives in both Miami and New Jersey. His wife’s name is Lorena Cartagena, and his three kids are named Azariah, Joey, and Ryan Cartagena. Most of the time, the family stays out of the public eye. There was a short time when Lorena was in the news because of a cheating story. It was said that the couple was going to get a divorce and that Mrs. Cartagena would join the group of Love & Hip-Hop. They would get along again in the end and stay a family. The couple seems to be better than ever and is doing a great job raising their kids, including Joey, who has autism.

Last year on Joey’s birthday, Fat Joe wrote a long post about him and talked about how hard it is to raise a child with autism, especially since Joey was born when Joe was only 19. Joe says that when he became Joey’s father, he was scared. Doctors told him that his son would have a hard life and that things would not be normal for them, but Joe and his family never gave up on him.

When Joe’s oldest son’s mother found out that he had autism, she wanted to give him up for adoption.

Even though Lorena has helped raise Joey, Joe had him with another woman. Joey’s mother didn’t feel ready to take care of a child with autism, so she wanted to give him up for adoption at first. “His mother couldn’t handle him, so we raised him all his life instead of sending him to a center. Fat Joe and his family couldn’t bear to give up the boy, so they chose to raise him themselves. Joe is very proud of this decision. “Joey is happy all the time. He’s just a joy to be around.”

Fat Joe feels bad for parents who can’t handle having a child with autism, and he doesn’t try to hide how hard it can be at times. “Of course, you know that kids on the autism spectrum are hard to deal with, and that’s why a lot of dads leave. Many parents don’t want to take care of their kids because it’s hard.

Fat Joe was afraid to show the world his son.

Fat Joe has been very protective of his son and has kept him out of the press for the most part. This is due in large part to how cruel people can be. The fact that he is in hip-hop, where rappers can easily target your family in beefs and diss songs, doesn’t help. But Fat Joe makes sure that everyone knows he was never ashamed of his son and that he has come around to sharing their story in the hopes that it will inspire and uplift others. “I’ve never put Joey in the spotlight because there are bad people out there I didn’t want him to meet. Joey has done more than anyone could have expected, and I think he keeps my parents living because they love him so much.”

On World Autism Day, he also showed his boy love. In the post, he is shown giving Joey, who is in a wheelchair, a hug. In the description, Fat Joe says, “God never makes a mistake. I pray for everyone every day, and I hope you’ll pray for us too.”

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