Actress Jasmine Guy, who is “best known for playing “Whitley” on the show A Different World”, is talking about a very hard time in her life. The actress was recently on The Tamron Hall Show, where she talked about everything from her breakup to how filing for bankruptcy affected her and her daughter.

The actor, singer, dancer, and director was born in Boston and raised in Atlanta. She has had a very long and successful career. Even though she’s best known for her part in the popular and well-received sitcom A Different World, in which she played one of the main characters for six seasons, she’s also been in and led many other shows. Guy has kept going in Hollywood, from School Daze in 1988 to his most recent show, Harlem, which is on Amazon Prime.

But along the way, bad things happened to the actor. Jasmine Guy married Terrence Duckett in August of 1998.

Imani is their only child from their marriage. But after 10 years of marriage, Guy filed for divorce in Los Angeles, claiming “irreconcilable differences,” according to a 2008 People article. This was just the start of her problems.

A TMZ story says that the star of “Dead Like Me” fell on hard times financially in 2009 and had to file for Chapter 13 bankruptcy.

The news source said that Jasmine Guy owed a huge $123,503.64 in back taxes, while her ex-husband owed $94,354.71. During their marriage, they got into these problems. Then, in 2012, Jasmine Guy is said to have gone back to court because Duckett had not paid child support.

TMZ ran a story after getting court papers that showed Duckett had not paid the $1,469 he was supposed to pay every month. He was almost $40,000 behind on his bills because of this.

Problems kept coming up, and in 2014, theJasmineBrand said that a tax lien was put on Guy in the state of Georgia because she hadn’t paid her taxes. This added $27,523.86 to her debt. Even though the talented person has done a lot in Hollywood over the years, it’s clear that she’s had her share of public shame and hard times.

But Jasmine Guy, who is usually quiet, is now talking about all the hard things she’s been through. She recently went on Tamron Hall’s show to talk in person, where she said that she felt “forced” to talk about her problems.

Guy said that because she felt “outed,” she “felt the need to address some of the issues that were going on,” including the divorce and how it affected her finances. “Money provides security,” Jasmine Guy told the show’s host in response, explaining how she feels about money and what it means to her in terms of our dependence. “I didn’t want money so I could buy stuff. I wanted to be safe and so did my child.”

The actress starts to cry as she thinks about how much love and support she has in her life. But she gets real when she says, “It’s painful not to feel like you’ll be okay and be able to take care of your child. It’s very easy.”

Guy and her daughter, Imani Duckett, were lucky to have a village of people who cared about them. She went on to thank her child’s godparents, as well as her parents, friends, and sister, for helping out during the storm. “The love in my life is very strong,” she said with a strong voice.

Before she talked about the hard times, Jasmine Guy said she was “really happy” because her feelings got the best of her. She then went on to explain why she doesn’t like talking about it. The star said, “I know how many people suffer when their marriage or family breaks up, and I don’t mind sharing it.”

“It’s just that now that my life is better, it’s hard to go back there and remember how painful it was. A lot happened to a lot of us during the outbreak, and I wasn’t used to living in a world full of anger and sadness.

Guy talks about how the global pandemic has made everyone worry, even though she usually has to deal with these kinds of feelings on her own. With this, she found the “freedom” to talk about her fears and feelings, instead of hiding them or “acting tougher than I am.”

We pray for Jasmine Guy’s strength every day and are glad to see that she is still doing well on her journey. See below for what she said when she felt weak.

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