Fans of Sheree Whitfield are paying close attention to how she looks.

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In a new clip on Instagram, the Bravolebrity showed off her chic street style by wearing a matching two-piece set with open-toe shoes. The caption read, “Keep it simple, but cute.”

She also posted a picture that showed off her makeup and accessories for the day. However, some fans were more interested in what they thought was a new look from Shereé.

“We need a picture of your new nose. Shereé, this is no longer your lovely nose. Let’s see it,” one person on social media said. “Yessssssss, Hunty, your doctor did a great job,” said a second person.


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“She took care of herself all these years, because even if she had a little work done, you’d never know because most of it is natural. “You look like you’re 30!” a third added. Others just said that it was makeup and contouring.

“That’s the nose we all love!!!!” wrote a fourth fan. “All I see is a little cheek and under-eye filler,” wrote a third. “Perhaps a little filler in the nose as well.”

Early in June, she took to the platform with a video in which a bag was ripped off to show how her style had changed. This helped spread the reports.

“She looks like a whole different person!!!!” A message was read, then a crying face and a nose with a question mark were shown. has asked Whitfield’s representative for a response.

Whitfield has been on a roll, giving fans a taste of her She by Shereé brand and making it public that she is dating Love & Marriage Huntsville star Martell Holt. She has also kept up her role as one of Atlanta’s reality peach keepers.

She told Essence, “I think things are going great with Martell.” “When we’re together, we have fun. One thing I really like about him is that he makes me laugh so much. And I’m mostly just taking things easy and loving life.”

“Did I really think I’d be dating at this age?” she asked. “No, not even close. But things do occur. I’ve never said I don’t want to find love. So, on my trip, I’m just trying to be purposeful and make sure I’m with the right person.”

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