Disney created headlines when it revealed that Halle Bailey would play Princess Ariel in the upcoming remake of the animated classic The Little Mermaid.

Following the news, it was revealed that Yara Shahidi from Grown-ish would star in the live remake of the Peter Pan and Wendy movie.

Although the actresses’ selections for their particular roles appeared appropriate given their skills, many racist fans disagreed, and two have experienced significant reaction.

If there’s anyone who is a princess just in real life, in the world, it’s Halle, said Shahidi, adding that her portrayal of Ariel “made so much sense.” to The Hollywood Reporter.

What has been lovely, she continued, “but also retaining the wonder that we enjoy in the first place, is seeing the response to both of our characters and seeing how many people feel involved in this fairy tale. Instead of realizing how beautifully diversity and inclusion can be weaved together to produce something that effects even more people and lets even more people into the stories we love, I think people frequently mistakenly perceive them as endangering or risking the quality of the story.

Along with Jude Law, Jim Gaffigan, Ever Anderson, Alan Tudyk, and Alexander Molony, Shahidi also stars in the movie. On April 28, it opens in theaters.

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