A family that doesn’t eat meat in Burns Beach, an Australian town in the north, has made a fuss about how their neighbors cook meat.

Sarah, a wife and mother, did something about the “upsetting” smell of cooking meat coming from the house next door. She wrote a letter and gave it to the people who lived there.

Sarah wrote a letter to her neighbor Kylie in which she expressed her worries and made an odd request. In the letter, Sarah wrote, “Hello, Neighbor. Please close the side window when you’re cooking.

“My family is vegan, which means we only eat plant-based foods, and the smell of the meat you cook makes us sick and upset. We’d appreciate it if you could understand. Thanks. Sarah, Wayne & Kids.”

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The Daily Mail says that the controversial letter ended up on the Hey Perth Facebook page, where it started a virtual tug-of-war between users. In fact, more than 400 Facebook users have said different things about the post since it was made.

Many people had problems with the veggie family and called them “entitled.”

One angry user wrote back, “I’d fire up the smoker and make a 12-hour brisket, plus a sausage sizzle for lunch.” deserved a lot.” “They should go live in the woods,” said someone else. Everyone cooks, and I can’t stand the smell of some of them, but that is crazy.”

A lot of other people, and I mean a lot, also mentioned going over to the road and having a BBQ.

Still, some people thought Sarah’s request was kind and reasonable. “Why are people being so mean?” asked one person. “I eat meat, but she asked nicely and with respect, and closing a window isn’t hard. Why not just be a good friend and close the window instead of making a big deal out of it?

Another user brought up the bad feelings that come with having different views. “This back and forth hate speech is embarrassing. “Everyone has different ideas and ways of living,” they said, calling for mutual respect and a sense of community.

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This person agreed, writing: “Just tell them no and stop talking about it. There’s no reason to put your neighbors down for a nice letter they sent you.

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After this fight in a suburb, we can’t help but wonder if the vegan family’s letter was fair or not. Tell us what you think in the comments!

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