Because of health problems, the pop star had to put off her 40th anniversary tour. Madonna was reportedly found unresponsive in New York and rushed to the hospital, where she was given a breathing tube. The singer’s longtime manager, Guy Oseary, says she has a dangerous bacterial infection that will keep her in the ICU for days. The news that the singer is in the hospital because of her health was shared on Instagram.

In his post, Oseary said that the mother of six, who is currently in the hospital, is expected to make a good recovery and that her health is getting better. He also said that she is still getting medical care.


The manager didn’t say much about how Madonna was treated or why she was in the hospital, but he did state that she was taken to the ICU and that she had a bacterial infection. Oseary wrote on Instagram that Madonna was hospitalized because she got a dangerous bacterial infection on June 24. This meant that she had to stay in the ICU for a few days. Her health is getting better, but she is still getting care from a doctor. It is believed that he will get better.

The longtime music manager then said that the singer had to delay the start of her tour because she was in the hospital. She had been practicing for the tour for months, and it was supposed to start in a few weeks.

Madonna, 64, Hospitalized With ‘Serious Bacterial Infection,’ Forced To Postpone 40th Anniversary Tour

He said, “At this time, we’ll have to put all plans on hold, including the tour.” The manager didn’t say when Madonna will be healthy enough to start the foreign tour, but he said he would give more information as soon as he could, including a new start date for the tour and new dates for the shows that had to be moved. Page Six says that Madonna’s oldest daughter, Lourdes Leon, who is 26 years old, stayed with her while she was in the hospital.

Sources close to the singer have also said that she has been working nonstop to make sure that her tour is great. One of these sources said that she has been practicing six days a week.

“Madonna is really putting it out,” the person told DailyMail. They said, “She’s in great shape and is going to kill it on this tour.” “This could be her last tour, so she wants to do everything right. Her body is sick and she is in great shape. This is what she loves to do. Her need to be perfect drives everyone crazy, but she doesn’t care. Everyone on the team is working hard because they all want to make her happy. She has no problem at all with letting someone go at any time.

Madonna, 64, Hospitalized With ‘Serious Bacterial Infection,’ Forced To Postpone 40th Anniversary Tour

The cousin said, “For the past few days, no one really knew where this was going, and her family was getting ready for the worst.”

“That’s why nobody knew about it until Saturday.

“Everyone thought we might lose her, and that has turned out to be the case.”

So far, Madonna’s kids haven’t talked about their mom’s health in public, but Lourdes did post a picture of herself in a daring corset top just hours after Oseary told them.

So, two days after Madonna was taken to the hospital, her oldest son, Rocco Ritchie, posted pictures and videos of himself on a motorbike tour in Transylvania, Romania. He didn’t say anything about her health problems. Instead, he said he had a crazy trip in a crazy place, and he hoped it was the first of many. The Madonna: The Celebration Tour was supposed to run from July 15, 2023 to January 30, 2024. It’s the singer’s 12th concert tour, and it will take her to places in North America and Europe.

Madonna, 64, Hospitalized With ‘Serious Bacterial Infection,’ Forced To Postpone 40th Anniversary Tour

During her Rebel Heart Tour in 2015, the singer last performed at London’s 02 Arena. That same year, she famously fell during a performance at the BRIT Awards.

During her Madame X tour, Madonna played at 75 theaters, but she had to cancel several shows because of hip and knee problems that kept coming back. The singer’s health and well-being have been under a lot of scrutiny in recent months. In late 2021, one of Madonna’s strange social media posts showed her smiling with someone who had a knife to her neck. This made her fans worried. At the beginning of this year, she was criticized for how her looks were changing.

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