College Wrestler Saves Friend with Grizzly Bear “Quadruple Leg” Takedown
When he refused to allow a mama grizzly bear kill his teammate, sophomore NJCAA wrestler Kendall Cummings used all his courage.

Last year, Cummings, Brady Lowry, Gus Harrison, and Orrin Jackson were in the Wyoming wilderness looking for shed antlers from elk, moose, and mule deer, which may bring a college kid a few hundred dollars for a big pair.

In the late afternoon on the Bobcat-Houlihan Trail outside Yellowstone, the four friends split up to cover more area and rendezvous on a massive rock at the top of a hill.

turned around to warn Kendall not to tread in this fresh clump of bear scat when a female grizzly bear, which can weigh up to 500 pounds, smashed into him.

Hockensmith stated that the bear knocked the young man over a dozen yards and kept swatting him as he rolled, “dribbling him” like a basketball.

As she pinned Brady against a tree, Kendall hopped on her back to distract her after trying to scare her away with his voice.

Kendall dashed. She spun around and jumped on him in seconds, as grizzlies can sprint over 30 mph.
Brady told Cowboy State Daily, “I can’t even convey how grateful I am for him. “I don’t know how I’ll repay him. Everything is his.”
Grizzly bear attacks are rare—8 every 150 years, with a risk probability of 1 in 2.7 million.

and other wilderness workers say the only way to survive an attack like this is to pretend dead, which Kendall did when he realized he had no choice.

Brady escaped the scene, called 911, and met up with their two companions, who were ignorant of what was happening. Kendall suffered horrible injuries. Kendall eventually got up and walked back to Brady and the others. Helicopters medically evacuated the two.

Kendall’s bear-bitten face and head were stitched and repaired in Billings, Montana. Brady was transferred from Powell, Wyoming, to Billings and placed in Kendall’s room.
Brady’s father Dallas drove from Utah to Billings to admire the 21-year-old sophomore who would do anything to save his kid.

He thanked Kendell for saving his son.

Kendell informed him, “I would have sooner died than have gotten away and knowing I could have helped.

Last January, Brady wrestled in an NJCAA meet while Kendall cheered him on.

With these friends, right?

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